Program Spotlight: The Value of NAAB’s International Certification Program

ICert program administrators recently reflected on the role International Certification plays in their programs.

“The NAAB’s International Certification credential has been a transformative asset for our architectural program, setting us apart as a globally recognized institution. This prestigious certification has significantly increased our program’s appeal, leading to a higher caliber of applicants and a more competitive student body. For our students, the certification has opened doors to international opportunities, including internships, study-abroad programs, and ultimately, employment in globally renowned architectural firms. Moreover, it has facilitated cross-border educational partnerships, allowing us to collaborate on projects and research with leading architectural schools worldwide. Overall, the certification has not only elevated the educational experience we offer but also significantly expanded the professional horizons for our students.”

– Dr. Anne A. Gharaibeh.
Jordan University of Science and Technology

“Since January 2019, Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Department of Architecture (DoA) is the second department in Turkey that is entitled to NAAB International Certification for 6 years. With this certification, our program is able to upgrade its education standard to an international level. YTU DoA is one of the earliest architecture departments founded in Turkey and within the scope of its commitments, DoA aims to set standards in nationwide architecture education.

The feedback our department received during the international certification process guides us for improving our program and helped us gain a holistic approach to our education system, evaluating the curriculum, the physical amenities, the information technology, and the staff together. The NAAB process facilitated YTU DoA working together with its academic and administrative staff and the students. The international certification motivates our department to consolidate self-assessment procedures and push ourselves to improve the quality of our education on a regular basis.

After receiving NAAB International Certification, there was a noticeable interest among the potential students, they were keen about international certification even before enrollment. Overall, NAAB International Certification provides a thorough evaluation for YTU DoA program by involving all the relevant stakeholders and sets us a solid and reliable roadmap with its feedback system.”

Prof. Dr. Gülay Zorer Gedik.
Yildiz Technical University

“The NAAB International Certification obtained by Effat University’s Architecture Program from 2019 to 2025 has had a profound impact on the graduates of the program. This certification has elevated the graduates’ value in the labor market, leading to improved employability in both national and international organizations. 65% of graduates secured employment, with 20% landing positions in prestigious national and international organizations such as NEOM, ARAMCO, ROSHN, Red Sea Development Company, IKEA, KSA municipalities, and the Architecture and Design Commission. An impressive 5% became successful entrepreneurs, creating job opportunities for others. For example, Architect Salwa Samargandi, founder of SAL Architects, is an exceptional architect who collaborates with renowned international architects in Al Ula Royal Commission. Furthermore, the NAAB certification has opened doors for our graduates to pursue further studies at renowned international universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Oxford Brookes University, and UCL.

The NAAB certification has solidified the program’s standing and reputation, on par with similar degrees in the United States. The program’s dedication and rigorous NAAB review process have led to significant program improvements, enhancing its quality and effectiveness in areas such as technical documentation, project management, and comprehensive design. Current students consistently achieve top rankings in Saudi competitions, contribute to research, and actively engage in community service.”

Dr. Asmaa Ibrahim.
Effat University