Expanding NAAB Accreditation

Increasing access to architecture programs is at the center of NAAB’s core values by promoting diversity and inclusion.

At the April 2023 Board of Directors meeting, NAAB granted initial accreditation to the Master of Architecture program at Fairmont State University (FSU) and the Bachelor of Architecture program at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT). These programs, housed at public institutions, are designed to increase access to architecture education.

The new Master of Architecture program at FSU is the first NAAB-accredited, professional architecture program in West Virginia, one of 35 licensing jurisdictions that require a NAAB-accredited degree to obtain a license. The new Bachelor of Architecture at NYCCT, a federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution, is the first public architecture program in Brooklyn, a borough with 2.5 million residents. We are delighted to add professional architecture programs at FSU and NYCCT to NAAB’s cohort of 175 professional architecture programs and commend them on their commitment to NAAB’s core value on “Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrate unique institutional perspectives and ensure the inclusion of diverse populations to enrich the learning environment.”

Licensing Jurisdictions with NAAB-Accredited Programs