EESA Course and Examination Pre-approval Request

Applicants that are required to identify and successfully complete additional coursework and or pass examinations to satisfy evaluation deficiencies must submit a request for pre-approval. To find out more about accepted topics for courses and examinations, please see the Evaluation Results tab of the EESA webpage. The NAAB does not provide suggestions or recommendations for courses or examinations.

Pre-approval requests will only be considered for the number of credits outlined for a subject area and/or category in the applicant’s evaluation. Applicants must confirm when a course/examination is being offered prior to submitting a pre-approval request.

To submit a request for pre-approval, please complete the form below. Please click here to review a sample Pre-approval Request. Requests will receive a response via email within 14 business days of submission.

Once approval has been received, additional pre-approval requests will only be permitted if the institution is no longer offering the approved course. After you click submit, please wait until the page updates, and do not click the back or refresh button.