NAAB Statement on Transformation

November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016 The National Architectural Accrediting Board’s® (NAAB) vision statement asserts its role in enhancing the value, relevance and, and effectiveness of the architectural profession by establishing educational quality assurance standards that are open

NAAB Mission

February 24, 2016

Mission, Vision, Values Statement Approved October 22, 2011 Preamble: From the 1940 Founding Agreement “The … societies creating this accrediting board, here record their intent not to create conditions, nor to have conditions created, that

Team Member Self-Nominations Fall Visit Reimbursements

February 24, 2016

Team Member Self-Nominations.  In May 2015, the NAAB directors approved a new procedure that invites individuals who are interested in being on teams, but not affiliated with one of the other four organizations in architecture