Accredited Programs List

NAAB Accredited Programs
You can review NAAB accredited programs, and programs in candidacy, by using our search feature or by downloading our full list of accredited programs.

For historic information about programs that are no longer accredited or have gone through nomenclature changes, please contact the NAAB.

Programs in Candidacy
For an architecture program to obtain NAAB accreditation it must first go through the candidacy process. Candidacy is a multi-year effort that starts with an eligibility review by the NAAB and continues with up to three visits to the school. Prospective students who are interested in a program in candidacy should not be discouraged by its candidacy status, but need to understand the program’s plan for achieving Initial Accreditation.

Graduates from a program in candidacy can meet the NCARB education requirements if they graduate within two years of the program achieving Initial Accreditation. If you graduate outside this two-year window your degree will not be considered accredited by the NAAB, and you may need to complete additional requirements to obtain your architecture license.