Events and Trainings

Past Trainings

2020 Conditions and Procedures: Accreditation Review

This session focuses on outcomes-based assessment framework, discussion of program and student criteria, and examples of evidence for compliance.  (Originally presented at the 2021 ACSA Administrators Conference)

2020 Conditions and Procedures: Organizing Evidence with the Digital Guidelines

As part of the virtual site visits, and according to the 2020 Conditions and Procedures, programs need to organize all their evidence of compliance in a digital format for their accreditation visit. NAAB developed the Digital Guidelines to help programs collect and organize their supporting documentation in a standardized format to allow for an efficient review by visiting teams. Join NAAB Directors and Staff in the discussion of Digital Guidelines.

Ask NAAB: Q&A with NAAB Directors and Staff

We know that the accreditation process can be confusing and raise many questions. From when to start to how granular the evidence of compliance needs to be, NAAB is here to answer questions from programs interested in accreditation. Whether your program is going through re-accreditation or seeking accreditation for the first time, this session will provide an opportunity to get more information about the process.

2020 Conditions and Procedures: In-Depth Review of Program and Student Criteria

Overview of the requirements for Condition 3 including the difference between Program and Student Criteria, information on teaching and learning practices, and examples of evidence for programs to demonstrate compliance with the Criteria. 

2020 Conditions and Procedures: Outcomes-Based Assessment Framework

Review of outcomes-based practices, cycle of assessment, and examples of evidence to demonstrate compliance with 2020 Conditions and on-going program improvement. 

Implementation of the 2020 Conditions and Procedures

Overview of 2020 Conditions including the process that led to their development and the philosophy of shared values; innovation; and diversity, equity, and inclusivity; with a focus on assessment. Review of supporting 2020 Procedures for collecting and submitting evidence of compliance and student work. (Originally presented at the 2021 ACSA Annual Meeting)

Your Questions Answered: 2021 Visits under the 2020 Conditions

Q&A Session built around questions from program administrators and faculty.