Annual Report

Programs granted initial accreditation or continuing accreditation by NAAB are required to submit an Annual Report. The purpose of the Annual Report is to update program records and provide information about each program’s continuing compliance with the Conditions for Accreditation during the program’s accreditation cycle. In addition, programs report key data that NAAB compiles, analyzes, and communicates to the public through NAAB publications.

Programs are required to submit their Annual Reports each year on or before December 15, including the year in which the Architecture Program Report (APR) is due.

Annual Reports are submitted through NAAB’s Accreditation Management System (AMS), which facilitates and streamlines both program reporting and volunteer review.

Click here to access the Accreditation Management System.

Click here for instructions on how to log in and get started on the Accreditation Management System.

Annual Report FAQ

Yes, the primary contact at your institution is given the role of User Access Manager in the system and can add or delete users from your institution. Refer to this document for instructions. If you need to make a change to your institution’s primary contact, please email 

Enter the initials the person puts after his or her name, for example, M.Arch. or Ed.D.

No, please list the top academic person in the institution.

This information is publicly available on your institution’s website, or you can get it from your Institutional Research office.

Yes, if you have more than one NAAB-accredited program, you will see both programs listed, and you will need to complete an Annual Report for each. The reason they are separate is because each program is accredited separately with its own accreditation history. Once the information is entered, it will be copied forward from year-to-year, requiring only updates. We understand that in many cases, but not all, the name of the program administrator, physical address, faculty information, and other program details might be the same, and you will need to enter these details in both Annual Reports. You might find it easier to open multiple instances of the AMS and have one Annual Report open in one tab or browser and the other Annual Report open in another and then copy and paste the information from one Annual Report to the other as you enter it. 

No, only programs with a status of Initial or Continuing Accreditation need to submit an Annual Report.

The Annual Report is for the previous academic year that started on Sept. 1 and ended on Aug. 31.

You can find the CIP code here or contact the registrar’s office at your institution.

A Unit is the name of the department, program, or school.

Yes, you should include it in the Annual Report. Guidance for additional locations can be found in the 2020 Procedures for Accreditation document under Special Circumstances > Programs at Remote Locations.

Your Institutional Research office is an excellent source for this information.

Yes, student demographics are no longer broken down into separate categories, and you will just report numbers for all students enrolled in your architecture program.

Enter the total number of students enrolled in the program last year on the first line. Then subtract the number of students who withdrew, transferred, or graduated. The remainder is the number of students who were eligible to return. Of those students eligible to return, enter the number of students who did return to the program on the second line. Divide line 2 by line 1 for the retention rate.

Start by contacting your Institutional Research or Institutional Effectiveness office to see if they already have this data. If this is not collected, you can contact recent alumni, if allowed by your institution. We understand this is an imperfect process and may be new to your program, so provide the information that is available to you and describe the source of your information.

Yes, these sections give you a chance to tell us what’s been happening with your program between accreditation cycles. The goal is to help us understand your program and know whether anything requires attention. Read through each item that requires reporting and indicate the status. If nothing has changed, select Does Not Apply. If there are any significant and material changes, you will click Yes in the appropriate section and a pop-up box will appear, giving you the opportunity to tell us about those changes. The Accreditation Review Committee will determine whether this affects your ability to comply with the conditions.

Yes, a significant and material change is one that could potentially impact the program’s ability to meet the Conditions for Accreditation. If you have any questions, please email us at, and we can discuss your specific situation. 

No, the Annual Report does not require you to repeat information that will be provided in your program’s Plan to Correct.

Yes, there is a print button on the Annual Report tab that allows you to print all or selected sections of the Annual Report. 

No, this system is longer available. Please send requests for PDFs from previous years to