Accreditation Resources

2020 Conditions and Procedures

The Guidelines to the Accreditation Process (2020 Conditions and Procedures) serve as a resource and provide clarification and examples as programs plan and engage in the NAAB accreditation process.

The Frequently Asked Questions page includes information on the accreditation process and the 2020 Conditions and Procedures, based on inquiries from programs. 

The Virtual Site Visit Supplement to the 2020 Procedures provides a framework for virtual site visits (VSV) for accreditation. The VSV Supplement is in effect for all visits under the 2020 Procedures.

The Digital Guidelines provide a framework for organizing evidence for Student Criteria (SC) and Program Criteria (PC). The Digital Guidelines is in effect for all visits under the 2020 Conditions.


Architecture Program Report Template for Programs Seeking Continuing Accreditation.

Visiting Team Report Template, for reference use.

Architecture Program Report Template for Programs Seeking Initial Accreditation.

The Plan to Correct is for Programs whose initial or continuing accreditation visit results in conditions not met.

Architecture Program Report Template for Programs in Candidacy (Initial or Continuing).

Faculty Resume Template for inclusion in the APR.

Program Criteria (PC) and Student Criteria (SC) Matrix for programs to self-identify where evidence of compliance is demonstrated.

An optional tool for programs to provide their rosters of students who passed course(s) that satisfy SC.5 and SC.6, respectively.

The Remote Location Questionnaire should be included in the submission of an APR for programs seeking accreditation status for remote locations, additional sites, teaching sites, and/or online learning.

An example of a tool to help programs document their assessment process, results, and links to evidence for each PC and SC.