Accreditation Resource Updates

New Example of Assessment Report for PCs and SCs Available on NAAB Resources Webpage

In response to requests from programs, NAAB has posted a new tool on its Accreditation Resources webpage. This new tool, a table for assessment planning and reporting, is one example of a method that programs may use to describe and report on their assessment process for individual program and student criteria.

Updated Guidance for Facilitating Self-Assessment of SC.5 and SC.6

NAAB student criteria SC.5 Design Synthesis and SC.6 Building Integration relate specifically to how a program ensures that students develop the ability to make design decisions while synthesizing (SC.5) and integrating (SC.6) multiple stated requirements. NAAB is providing additional guidance to programs in its Guidelines to the Accreditation Process, suggesting that programs might find it useful to show compliance with these criteria through the use of a single project for each criterion, where students are required to synthesize, or integrate, all requirements in the criterion. The full text of the new guidance is available on p. 13 of the Guidelines.