Proposed Fee Structure

NAAB is a 501(c)(3), independent and separate organization (incorporated in 1967). 

In 1940, ACSA, AIA, and NCARB collectively recognized the need for an impartial organization to facilitate quality assurance in support of architecture programs that prepare students for professional licensure. The cost of this system has been subsidized by the profession with external funding historically provided by AIA and NCARB, matching the accreditation fees collected by ACSA as part of ACSA’s annual member dues, and an additional contribution from AIAS. 

In the current economic climate, we appreciate the likely need to diversify our funding sources and implement a program fee structure. Of sixty-one professional accrediting boards, NAAB is one of the only accreditors that does not utilize a structure in which fees are charged directly to programs. 

NAAB Opens Call for Public Comment on NAAB Funding and Proposed Accreditation Program Fees
February 1, 2024–May 1, 2024

Background Information