Canberra Accord

Signed in April 2008, the “Canberra Accord on Architectural Education: Recognition of Substantial Equivalence between Accreditation/Validation Systems in Architectural Education” is a document by accreditation/validation agencies in architectural education. The Canberra Accord is intended to facilitate the portability of educational credentials between the countries whose accreditation/validation agencies signed the Accord. It does not address matters related to professional registration or licensure. This site is designed to provide information to three groups:

  • Individuals who will have completed their professional architectural education beginning January 1, 2010 in a program accredited/validated by one of the signatory systems.
  • Leaders and staff of signatory agencies or organizations.
  • Leaders and staff of regulatory agencies responsible for professional licensure or registration in architecture.

The Canberra Accord recognizes the substantial equivalency of accreditation/validation systems in architectural education of its Signatories:

“Substantial equivalency identifies a program/me as comparable in educational outcomes in all significant aspects, and indicates that it provides an educational experience meeting acceptable standards, even though such program/me may differ in format or method of delivery. Substantial equivalency is not accreditation.”

Further information, including a list of each Signatory’s accredited programs, is available at