EESA Fees Structure

  • Applicants must submit initial documents for evaluation within 24 months from the date they apply or pay a $750 reactivation fee.
  • If an evaluation has deficiencies, applicants must submit updated documents within a 12-month period or pay a $250 reinstatement fee.

EESA fees are not refundable. Below is the fee schedule for EESA services:

EESA Services


Evaluation (based on the current NCARB Education Standard)


Evaluation for graduates of a program with NAAB International Certification or recognized by the Canberra Accord 


Reinstatement (required for records that have not been updated in the past 12 months)


Reactivation (applicants who do not provide documents for evaluation within 24 months of their initial application)


Re-evaluation (applications evaluated based on a version of NCARB Education Standards older than the 2016 version)