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On July 20, 2012, the Board of Directors of the National Architectural Accrediting Board approved the second and final reading of the NAAB Procedures for Accreditation, 2012 Edition. The document was effective on August 1, 2012 and will apply to all visits scheduled for 2013. 
The significant differences between the 2012 edition and the 2011 edition are as follows:
Section 2. Six-Year Term of Accreditation with a Focused Evaluation After Three Years
The NAAB has eliminated the focused evaluation from the terms of accreditation. This change was made in concert with a change annual reporting requirements for all programs. See Sections 10, and 11 below.
Section 3. Membership of a Review Panel for Eligibility for Candidacy
This section was revised for two reasons: (1) to ensure that all applications for candidacy are reviewed by a panel of three and (2) to clarify the responsibilities of the panel and the Board.
Sections 4-5. Nomination and Approval of Non-voting Team Members
These sections reflect changes to the procedure for nominating and approving non-voting team members on teams for initial or continuing accreditation. The changes reflect feedback from team chairs that NVTMs, while often helpful during the course of a visit are often less prepared and occasionally represent a significant conflict of interest on the team.
Section 6. Focused Evaluations
This section has been eliminated.
NEW Section 6. Program Changes that Request Review by the NAAB.
In response to comments from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture to changes made in 2010 to the procedure for nomenclature changes, the NAAB has developed a procedure for reviewing changes to programs that do not meet the requirements for a nomenclature change, but also do not rise to the level of candidacy.
Section 7. Nomenclature Changes
This section has been revised for clarity.
Section 10. Annual Statistical Reports
This section has been revised to eliminate the requirement for an annual narrative report on a program’s efforts to address all deficiencies (i.e., not-met Conditions and Causes of Concern) from the previous Visiting Team Report.
NEW Section 11: Interim Program Reports
This new section defines a procedure by which all programs with a six-year term of accreditation must submit an interim progress report that addresses all deficiencies (i.e., not-met Conditions and Causes of Concern) from the previous Visiting Team Report two years after the previous visit. These reports will be reviewed by the executive committee with a recommendation to the full NAAB as to whether additional action is required.
Appendix 4. Questionnaire for the Annual Statistical Report
The text of the questionnaire has been revised to reflect changes that will be made to the ARS for reporting on the 2011-2012 academic year.

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